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  Driven by growing environmental concerns, changing attitudes and developmental regulations as well as government incentives, all our forthcoming projects will involve ‘Green’ endeavours. These include conservation of resources like water recycling and rainwater harvesting; clean and renewable energy sources like biogas, wind and solar energy; and improving energy efficiency by way of CFL and LED lighting systems etc.

Towards this end we have tied-up with several respected and renowned experts and companies with a proven track record of successfully carrying out such projects.

Our affiliates include Gadhia Solar who are pioneers in this sector, having set up the world’s largest number of installed Solar Steam Cooking Systems in India. Their industrial projects include solar bakery, solar dryer, solar air-conditioning plants, and solar desalination plants for drinking water.

We also have our affiliation with an internationally renowned company that focuses on the design and construction of Green Buildings. Green buildings are designed to reduce the overall impact of the built environment on human health and the natural environment by generating energy from renewable sources; efficiently using energy, water, and other resources; protecting occupant health and improving employee productivity; and reducing waste, pollution and environmental degradation. With deep domain expertise in Green technologies and construction/structural engineering; they complement our vision of clean and sustainable development.

Our other affiliates include organizations whose offerings include Photovolatic Modules, Power Fence Systems, Home Lighting Systems, LED- based Solar Street Lights, among others.
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